St Bernard Dog Breed, St Bernard Temperament

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About the Saint Bernard Dogs..

St Bernard dog breed is the most intelligent and muscular breed of canines that are both obedient and protective to its proud owners. Though the excellent dog possess a huge, muscular intimidating appearance still they shower affection and love with playful attitude toward the family that owns them. St Bernard de Menthon was the Tibetan monk who discovered this wonderful dog and later it was crossed with the Tibetan Mastiff and grown by the monks in later years. The special characters that attracts the sweet little children and adults towards the Saint Bernard Mastiff breeds are the friendly, gentle, loyal and obedient nature that these dogs project. They socialize tremendously and are extremely playful to the owners, thus providing best companionship to the family and friends with its intelligence and charming skills.

Features of the Saint Bernard Dogs..

The Saint Bernard dogs are a  muscular breed of canines with gigantic height and muscular weight. It has a powerful head, wide open nose and lips that are open with black, scissor teeth and short muzzle that makes the dog attractive and fearsome. The pair of dark eyes are medium sized and are placed at the sides delightfully. Dropping ears that are medium sized keeps the fascinating dog more attentive to the commands of the owners and help them to be alert to all form of dangers. They grow to the Height of 25.5 to 27.5 inches and are huge to weigh around 110 to 200 pounds.

Coats of the St Bernard Dog Breed..

The exclusive Saint Bernard Mastiff breeds of dogs are coated with glowing smooth texture. They are colored with vibrant cool combinations colors such as the black, mahogany, red, tan and brindle. The ears and fierce full face are black in color with rough coated legs, thighs and body.

Training the Saint Bernard Dogs ..

Training and disciplining of this huge adorable Saint Bernard Mastiff breeds should start from the early ages when they are still puppies. Teaching them once they grow older is a real tough job with this giant puppy dog, because size does matter after all! If it is well trained it can be the best watch dog over the valuable possessions of the owners. Also train them to drool once they are fed which helps you to maintain hygiene. They are extremely skilled to sense natural disasters and dangers with good sense of smell.

Health problems affecting the St Bernard Dog Breed..

It is very important that you feed the Saint Bernard Mastiff breeds with divided small portion meals and proper exercise to avoid diseases like twisted and bloated stomachs, heart problems, extropion, tumors, hip dysplasia and “wobbler” syndrome. With good health it lives for up to 10 years. Grooming them is simple and easy task which can be done by brushing the coats every day and bathing once in a month time.

The St Bernard Dog breed Pictures ..

st bernard puppy pics st bernard dogs