Stop Dog Barking Device, Citronella Bark Collar Reviews

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Dog barking can be a total nuisance when it is constant and affects your peace of mind. When I say constant it means the dog barks while you eat, sleep or when you go out. The dog also barks when you watch television or have company at home. If you have a constant dog barking problem the stop dog barking device is for you. I have always been against bark collars that harms the dog or use pain to control their barking. I don’t consider those methods positive reinforcement training, such bark collar tactics can eventually make your dog scared or angry.

Stop Dog Barking Device, Bark Collar Reviews

Are you looking for a stop dog barking device and a humane method to stop your dog’s barking? Are you tired of ultrasonic devices that doesn’t get the job done? Then this spray bark collar review is for you. Spray stop dog barking devices work by releasing a spray whenever your dog barks. The spray is disliked by all the dogs and it is completely safe to use with dogs. The devices do not spray unnecessarily, it only sprays when the dogs vocal vibration matches the bark sound. The sprays are also good with humans and does not cause any adverse reactions. It  also does not spray directly into your dogs nose however it is positioned to spray upwards.Stop Dog Barking Device

When it comes to stop dog barking sprays you have two of the best options available. The first one is Citronella, made by Pet Supply City. The second option is PetSafe Anti-bark spray collar. Both of these does a wonderful job in preventing a dog from barking. Here are some of the differences and similarities between the two products although both of them provide quick results.

Citronella Features VS PetSafe Anti-Bark Spray

Citronella spray has a lemon scent which may be more pleasant for some owners. Their kits come complete with collar, spray refill, battery and a guide. The collar even fits a 7 pound dog so it is helpful to those of you who own miniature dogs. Citronella also comes with a thirty day money back guarantee. You can get the best price for Citronella sometimes with free shipping on Amazon.

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Another great stop dog barking device is PetSafe Anti-bark spray. It works similar to Citronella and it also a humane way to prevent your dog from barking too much. It comes with a nylon collar, hypoallergenic spray refill, battery and guide. It is guaranteed to work at least 88 percent of the time. You can purchase the PetSafe product on Amazon as well.

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Although the PetSafe product got more reviews I recommend the Citronella product as they give a money back guarantee. I also like their scented spray much better than PetSafe. There are also some great reviews from Amazon for the Pet Supply City Product.