Tibetan Mastiffs Breeders

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Tibetan Mastiffs breeders are often limited or hard to find especially in India, ironically one of the places where they were first imported from.  They aren’t a breed that first comes to peoples mind when looking for  a guard dog. In fact in many places of the world,  people are not even aware of the breeds existence. In this article I will provide you with some good information on the breed and share share tips on finding reputable Tibetan Mastiffs breeders  all over the world.  We will first look into what this magnificent breed is all about and see if they are a suitable breed for you.Cute Tibetan Mastiff Puppy

Tibetan Mastiffs Breeders | Facts about the breed..

The Tibetan Mastiff is a primitive breed, legendary in the dog world and are one of the earliest of dog breeds. The Tibetan Mastiffs where in existence even before 1100 BC.  They are said to be originated from China although India, Nepal and Afghanistan imported them to Britain and the United States. They are also one of the longest living Mastiff breeds for their size and can live up to fourteen years or more.

A full grown Tibetan Mastiff can weight up to 170 pounds and females will weigh 20-30 pounds less than males. They can be as tall as 28 inches which is one of the tallest of  giant dog breeds. They will come in a variety of beautiful colors such as black, grey, blue, red and gold, tan etc.  The Tibetan female will only go into heat once a year compared to other dogs that go into heat twice a year.  A litter of  7 is average although there can be up to 12 puppies in a litter.

The Tibetan Mastiffs are classified as powerful guard dogs, they will scare any opponent away using their massive size as well as their fearless character. This breed is highly intelligent, reserved and stubborn at the same time. The Tibetan Mastiff will be a wonderful guard dog for you naturally but teaching it tricks and other things may be harder due to their stubbornness. They are naturally bred to think for themselves and very independent compared to your average dog. They are slow to mature and will retain their puppy qualities up to four years of age.  They do well in cold climates and will tolerate  warmer areas  and apartment life with the help of an air conditioner. Tibetan Mastiffs require grooming and they shed once every year, there do have an undercoat and during the shedding season extra grooming is necessary.

This breed requires early training and socialization  in order to do well with kids and other dogs. One important aspect know about Tibetan Mastiffs are that they are aggressive toward same sex dogs so be sure to get the opposite gender from your current dog. Be sure to well contain this breed with a fence if they are left outside as they can kill or injure someone if let loose. Tibetans love to bark  especially if there is nothing to keep them occupied so provide them with plenty of toys and exercise.  Tibetan Mastiffs require structure and discipline, they are not recommended for first time dog owners. Read more on Tibetan Mastiffs breeders and obtaining a puppy.

Tibetan Mastiffs Breeders | Buying a Puppy

When buying a Tibetan Mastiff puppy do not shy away from long distance Tibetan Mastiffs breeders, look for quality in breeders and not the
Tibetan Mastiffs breedersdistance away from you. It is well worth traveling to pick up a good bloodline with all necessary records, it will only save you money down the line in Veterinary costs.  A Tibetan puppy will  and can cost you up to $2000 dollars so please do your research on the breed before purchasing. Always interview the breeder and see if they are willing for an inquiry into the dogs bloodline, health records, temperament etc. Any good Tibetan breeder should provide you with official documents such as American Kennel Club registration information, elbow and hip checks from Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, PennHip or OVC registeries.  OVC seems to be the better choice as they are more consistent with the readings and have multiple veterinarians reading the data. Good Tibetan Mastiffs breeders will not breed their dogs more than once a year and will not let go of the puppies till 8 weeks of age. Most reputable breeders will have the puppies on their premises and will provide you with a starter packet that tells you the current feeding schedule, food, vaccinations etc. If you are looking into becoming a breeder a reputable breeder should be able to set you in the right path.

Best Tibetan Mastiff Breeder Locations (being updated)

Australian breeders of Tibetan mastiff

Amitabha Kennels (Australia) – https://www.amitabhatms.asn.au

Shanti Soul (Australia) – https://www.shantisoultibetanmastiffs.com

Belgium breeders of Tibetan Mastiff puppies

 Les Mille Bouddhas (Belgium) – https://yana2.free.fr

Tibet Mastiff Nandari (Belgium) – https://www.nandari.be/startseite_engl.html

Buy Tibetan puppies in Canada

Everest Tibetan Mastiffs Breeders (Canada) – https://www.everestnorthtms.com

Michewa Tibeta Mastiffs (Canada) – https://tibetanmastiff.tripod.com

We are open to any additions that you can provide us with to add to our list. We wish to eventually create the best breeders around the world for this wonderful breed.

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