7 Indestructible Dog Toys, Toughest Dog Toys for Chewers

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Are you tired of cleaning up bits and parts of dog toys that your dog shredded into pieces? I welcome you to the world of indestructible dog toys!

If you have spent countless amounts of money on dog toys that are supposed to be “tough” but weren’t, then you may want to look into purchasing indestructible dog toys. Standard dog toys are not suited for aggressive chewers such as Pit Bulls and Rottweilers. You will need a dog toy that can take the sheer bite strength of these dogs.

Most dogs can chew through standard dog toys and some semi-durable dog toys with time and persistence.

indestructible dog toys

Best Indestructible Dog Toy Reviews

 1. KONG – Extreme Goodie Bone  

The Kong Extreme Goodie Bone is one of the most indestructible dog toys on the market. Made in the US, the Kong Extreme is a durable choice for large dogs. It is also stuffable with treats, which helps to stimulate your dog mentally. 

We highly recommend the Kong Extreme Goodie Bone for even the most aggressive chewers such as Pit Bull’s because the shape of the bone helps to distribute the bite pressure more evenly. 


 2. KONG Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy

Kong Stuff-A-Ball Dog Toy is another excellent indestructible dog toy by Kong for average chewers. This toy offers a cool feature called Denta-Ridges, which helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean. You can also stuff treats for your dog into the Denta-Ridges grooves. 

We don’t recommend this one for extreme chewers such as an American Pit Bull Terrier; instead, You may want to go with the Kong extreme dog toy above.


3. KONG Extreme Ball Dog Toy

The Kong extreme ball dog toy is great for power chewers as dogs cannot easily puncture them because of their shape and durable construction. This is probably one dog toy that should last your dog for more than a year. Kong Extreme Ball dog toy would make an excellent choice for dog owners who love to fetch with their dogs.

The one gripe we had about the Kong extreme ball dog toy is that we wished it came in different and brighter colors. Having brighter colors would have made it easier to spot in the grass or while playing outdoors.


4. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Durable Dog Frisbee

Are you into playing a game of frisbee with your dog? Then you will love the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc. It is a very durable dog frisbee that will last you a very long time. You will be able to enjoy many rounds of frisbee with your dog before your dog even puts a dent in it.

The Zogoflex Zisc is made in the United States and from BPA free materials. Zogoflex Zisc is available in 2 sizes: 6.6″ and 8.5″.

The Zogoflex Zisc is your money spent well on a long-lasting dog toy that provides you and your dog a great bonding time.


5. Chuckit! Ultra Ball

The Chuckit! Ultra Ball dog toy is probably one of our favorites as it is a durable chew and a squeaker toy in one. It is made out of thick rubber that is not easily punctured by your dog. Best of all, they come in a variety of sizes, so there is something for every dog breed.

Another neat tool that goes along with the Chuckit! Ultra Ball dog toy is the Chuckit! Sport Launcher which is used to launch the ball toy quickly. The Sport Launcher can increase the speed at which you throw the ball and also increase the range.


6. Chuck it Whistler Ball

Chuck It Whistler Ball is the dog toy that whistles when thrown! It is made from hardy rubber materials that can withstand heavy chewers. Chuck It Whistler Ball is also compatible with the Chuckit! Sport Launcher. What we liked most about the Chuck It Whistler Ball is that it is quite bouncy, which makes it great fun for your dog.

Colors offered for the Whistler Balls are great because you can easily find them in the grass! Especially the neon blue color!

Chuck It Whistler Balls also provide a smooth surface for your dog to chew on. They also come in different sizes, medium size Whistler Balls should be best suited for Collies, Pugs, and Boston Terriers.


7. Goughnuts – Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX

Goughnuts Indestructible dog toy well built for heavy chewers. The shape and look of Gouhnuts remind us of a nice sausage, which I am sure your dog thinks too. 

If your dog somehow manages to put a dent in the Goughnuts dog toy, you can send it in for repair for free. Goughnuts is an excellent dog toy for dog breeds such as Pit Bull’s, Dogo Argentino’s and Rottweilers because this toy can withstand the bite strength of these dogs.


Benefits of Indestructible Dog Toys

Not only do indestructible dog toys allow for long-lasting playtime for your dog, but they are also a fantastic tool to combat separation anxiety in dogs. Dogs that are left alone for long periods can get severe anxiety, which causes them to become destructive around your home.

Indestructive dog toys are also great for dogs that get easily bored. Boredom in dogs can cause them to bark and dig, causing damage to your home or even to themselves.

It is also essential to place different types of durable dog toys strategically around your house so that dogs always have something to play with in case one gets lost. It is also nice to get indestructible dog toys that you can stuff treats into so playtime time can be more engaging for your dogs.

We can vouch for the products listed in this article to be strong and reliable. As Pit Bull Terrier owners ourselves, we save a lot of money on dog chew toys every year by choosing the route of buying durable dog toys.

I hope this article was useful in helping you choose an indestructible dog toy for your dog. If you are a dog owner and would love to join our canine family, be sure to join our group on FaceBook @ Canine Owners