Traveling with Large Dogs, Travel Tips for Pets

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You obviously want your dog  to be as comfortable as possible whenever you travel. Of course, you can bring as much doggy stuff as you’d like. But traveling with large dogs require space, it would be nice if you leave plenty of room for your dog, too! I will guide you in creating your on pet travel kit with the most commonly needed items on the go.

Dog Travel Checklist, Traveling with Large Dogs 

Favorite toys or blanket

Your dog will need plenty of toys to keep him or herself busy during a long ride. The best ideas that I have found for my Pit Bull Terrier is the Kong toy or real bones. If you are using the Kong toy be sure to stuff inside of it with food or snacks, and they will have  hours of fun with this. The raw bones is another alternative as dogs can chew on these for a while. I would just carry both with me on a long trip, in case your dog prefers one over the other.traveling with large dogs

Vaccination records

Be sure to carry the recent vaccination records for your pet, especially if you are going across country borders. Recently on my trip to Canada, I was required to show proof of rabies vaccination for my dog at the border. The rabies vaccination is one that they closely look at. Any how your dog should be up to its vaccination schedule for their own well being.

Collar (worn at all times)

You dog should have a collar worn at all time, this is necessary if your dog got loose and someone that find him or her can easily identify the owner. A dog collar is also a must since you are going to keeping your dog on a leash at all times especially at unknown locations.

Leash (keep it handy)

When traveling with large dogs always keep them on a leash when you are taking potty breaks or random stops. Having a leash guarantees that your dog doesn’t wander off and possibly injure itself or harm someone else. Having your dog secured to a leash is the law in most places.

Crate, Dog Seat Belts & Dog Bed

If your dog is smaller then I would suggest crating him in the car. You can buy dog travel carriers online. This helps especially if your dog is very hyper active is constantly sliding down the car seat. Thankfully larger dogs are a bit calmer, an easier method when traveling with large dogs is a dog car harness to secure them on to the car seat. you should also  place a mat underneath your pet on the car seat or use car leather seat protectors to prevent damage to the seats.

Dog food and dog treats & Water

You should pack food for your dog, when doing so stick with the same food you were feeding  to prevent any upset stomach problems on the road. Dry food is best and easiest to carry, feed the dog when you are stopping for extended breaks or when you are in hotels so that the dog doesn’t get motion sickness. You can give them treats on the ride to hold him or her over till meal time. You can carry filtered water that  you have for your dog as well. The one thing most people forget to carry is the dog’s food and water dishes. This is an absolute must to remember on a long trip.

Other MISC items to carry

Other grooming items for your dog may include tooth brushes, combs, nail clippers etc. You should also carry first aid kits for your pets as a safety precaution.

Medications for diarrhea and motion sickness

This is one of the most important things you can do for your pet, You should consult a veterinarian prior to your trip so that he or she may be able to prescribe your with some medication for motion sickness. Another benefit to this is that your dog will be drowsy and may sleep through the ride. This will limit the dogs activity in the car which will be safer for you and the dog. Also it can prevent unwanted mess like diarrhea in the car, that would be the last thing you need on a long trip.

You should also carry any medications that your dog is already taking, be sure to ask your veterinarian if it is alright to use the medications together with the medications for dog motion sickness. Another good tips is to carry your dog’s prescriptions with you in case you loose the pills on the move.

Lots of plastic bags for Poop Patrol

At last carry a lot of plastic bags! you never know when an emergency can happen. Carry plenty of gloves and tissues as well. Always keep a plastic bag inside of your car in case your dog is about to throw up on the ride, don’t worry you will see the warning coming as the dog is bringing it up. Have a wonderful trip! from me and my dog Phoenix!

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