Understanding Canine Communication

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Can you tell if your dog is saying something to you? You can often tell that your dog is telling you something which usually in regards to their basic needs such as food and water. My American Pit Bull Terrier Phoenix always lets me know when she needs to go potty or when she is hungry  by whining near me to get me to follow her. If she is hungry or thirsty she will go straight to the kitchen where her food bowls are and if she needs to potty she will run for the door. If you spend enough time with your dog, you will usually know what exactly that they need. Here are some common dog understanding canine communicationcommunication indicators to note for a new canine owner.

Understanding Canine Communication

Wagging – Friendly and happy dog.

Front end is down and Tail is Wagging – This is the most common one which means dog is in playful mood.

Tail up, ear up & Barking – The dog is standing their ground and any sign of fear by the human being will be taken as weakness, they dog may bite.

Mouth slightly open and tongue is slightly visible – This is the equivalent of a human being’s smile. The Dog is happy and in a very relaxed mood.

Puppy starts biting you – It’s like a “play bite”. A common behavior among puppies. It starts as a playful bite in the start but as he grows little older that play bite might hurt. It is therefore important to teach your dog in advance not to bite. Yes the puppy needs to chew so it is best you buy him a bone as a chew toy.

Attentive – Look for the dog ears. If they are standing then he is attentive and is trying to listen to something.

Afraid – If the tail is down and in between his leg then it means that the dog is scared right now. Dogs that aren’t socialized much can also tremble in public places or in front of strangers.

Rolling in the garden or yard means the dog is in playful mood and or wants you to rub his belly.

Chasing its tail – This is fun to watch. Means the dog is playing. If the behavior continues for long then it could be more than that. Maybe the Dog has fleas or is feeling itchy in that area.

Eating Grass – Your dog may be telling you that he or she has an upset stomach, or he or she may need some greens in their diet.

There are many more indicators that are given off by your canine friend in regards to their feelings, the more you know about your dog the better of an owner you will be.

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